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#76 fixed Move widget render implementations to dojo.widget.render alex psowden

Implementations of Widgets for a specific renderer should live under their own namespace. For example, HTML widgets will live in dojo.widget.html. The package system will automagically load the widget for the renderer that is available so users only need to include the generic widget file:

RichText? widget:

  • base lives at dojo.widget.RichText?
  • users use dojo.require("dojo.widget.RichText?");
  • HTML version lives at dojo.widget.html.RichText?
  • a conditional require in the dojo.widget.RichText? file automagically loads dojo.widget.html.RichText?
#77 fixed Fail gracefully when document.write isn't available alex david

document.write isn't available in Mozilla in application/xml+xhtml. Though some things will not work without document.write (RichText? auto "save", back/fwd for IO, etc.) we should try to not break the application.

#78 fixed Files beginning with double-underscores conflict with Zope alex david

Zope doesn't allow filesnames to start with double-underscores. We need to move off of __package__.js and onto something else for .* requires.

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