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#16164 fixed dojox/mobile: some properties of subclasses of _ItemBase cannot be set before completion of startup Eric Durocher Adrian Vasiliu

For some of its properties, dojox/mobile/ListItem has a special mechanism to delay the actual execution of custom setters until the startup of the widget is completed. This holds for the following properties: checked, icon, rightIcon, rightIcon2, uncheckIcon, deleteIcon

The trouble is that, for a code which attempts to set values to these properties before the startup completion, the final values of the properties are not the expected ones.

This hurts dojox/mvc, where the binding mechanism involves calls of the setters before widget startup completion.

The same holds for the "icon" property of IconItem, IconMenuItem, TabBarButton, and ToolBarButton.

How to reproduce:

a) Run dojox/mvc/tests/WidgetList_tests/test_mobile-list-single-sel-mvc.html

If the bug is present, the first item in the list does not show the "checked" mark.


b) Run the attached ItemBase_subclasses_Programmatic.html

This is a DOH tests which mimics what happens in the dojox/mvc context without using dojox/mvc. If the bug is present, the test fails.

#16306 fixed dojox/mobile/IconContainer: when used with transition:below inside a ScrollableView, unwanted scroll can occur when opening the icon content Eric Durocher Adrian Vasiliu

When a dojox/mobile/IconContainer, located inside a ScrollableView?, is used with the transition property set to "below", opening the icon content triggers an unnecessary and unpleasant scrolling of the ScrollableView? if the display area of the ScrollableView? is larger than its content.

How to reproduce:

  1. Launch mobileGallery on iPad or on a desktop browser (such that the window height is large enough).
  2. Open the "Icons" view.
  3. Touch the "Notes" icon.

==> This opens an IconItem? which has enough space for being placed below without any scroll, however the ScrollableView? gets scrolled until the IconItem? is aligned on the bottom. (On desktop browsers, resizing the window reverts this scroll. Closing the IconItem? also scrolls back to the original position.)

Can also be reproduced by modifying any dojox/mobile/tests/test_IconContainer*.html to use an IconContainer? with transition:below inside a ScrollableView?.

#16337 fixed dojox/mobile: quickly touching/clicking two list items can trigger two view transitions Eric Durocher Adrian Vasiliu

Touching/clicking a dojox/mobile/ListItem with a moveTo specified triggers a view transition. Now, if the user touches/clicks one item then quickly touches/clicks another item, the transitions to both target views can be triggered. (This does not happen if transition:none is set on the list items.)

How to reproduce:

  1. Run the attached testTwoViewTransitions.html (placed in dojox/mobile/tests).
  2. Click/touch the item "View 1" then quicly quick/touch the item "View 2".

==> Both target views are made visible, which is clearly undesired. The same happens for the items marked "(bookmarkable)" (their moveTo specifies a bookmarkable target). On the contrary, it does not happen for the items marked "no transition effect" (they have transition:'none'), nor for items that have href specified instead of moveTo (the target of the item touched/clicked last wins).

Reproduced on both desktop (Chrome, FF) and mobile (Safari/iPhone) browsers.

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