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#18281 wontfix In some conditions, dojox/mobile/TextBox doesn't trigger screen to move upward in iOS8 Adrian Vasiliu billylo

When tapping on control which is in lower part of the screen in iOS8 device, the doesn't trigger the screen to scroll up (as what iOS7 does) to allow users to view the typing inside the control. Therefore, the whole TextBox? input was totally blocked by the soft keyboard in the lower part of the iOS8 device.

The expect behaviour (it works in iOS5,6,7) should be the screen scroll up automatically to the point that the tapped can be seen as it being above the soft keyboard.

All the other input controls have the same issue in iOS8 that they don't trigger the scroll up action of the screen any more.

#18315 worksforme has('ios') broken on iOS 8.x Simulator Adrian Vasiliu vikasbs

has('ios') on iOS 8 simulator reports Mac OS X version instead of iOS version on device.

On Mac OS X 10.9.4, using iOS 8.02 simulator, the value of has('ios') is '10.94' instead of '8.02'.

#18317 fixed dojox/mobile/ComboBox - Unnecessary page scrolling when drop down opened on iOS8 Adrian Vasiliu Nick Nisi

In iOS8 Safari, dojox/mobile/ComboBox will unnecessarily scroll the screen when the drop down is opened. This can be seen by opening in iOS8 and comparing it to an iOS7 device.

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