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#2775 fixed xd loading: loading a local i18n bundle from inside a local module causes errors James Burke James Burke

Either the bundle will not be defined, or it will get defined, but after the djConfig.xdWaitSeconds timeout, will generate a flood of "Could not load cross domain module" errors.

#2771 fixed xd loading: in some cases, the xd loader will call onload listeners before dj_load_init has run James Burke James Burke

In some rare cases using a combination of local and remote dojo modules, the xd loader will finish loading everything before the domcontentloaded/onload event in the browser fires. If it does, the xd loader calls dojo.hostenv.callLoaded() (the xd loader is usually the slower path, so it needs to call the onload listeners).

This is bad because the dom may not be ready yet.

Unfortunately, I do not have a good isolated test case. I saw it with some larger applications.

#9727 fixed xd loader may not clean up dojo._xdTimer interval in some cases James Burke James Burke

dojo._xdReset will sometimes fire before the dojo._xdClearInterval can fire. dojo._xdReset will zero out dojo._xdTimer, and leave an interval still running.

Solution is to have dojo._xdReset call dojo._xdClearInterval instead of just zeroing out dojo._xdTimer.

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