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#5217 fixed mail demo fails on load (IE6, IE7) bill

On the 1.0.1 build the mail demo gets a "object does not support this property or method" JS error on load:

Seems to be an error with dojo.Declaration parsing <script> tags, in this code:

		dojo.connect(this, s.event, this, s.func);
	}, this);
#5256 duplicate dijit.Delcaration tests break in 1.0.1 on IE 6. Jared Jurkiewicz

dijit.Delcaration tests break in 1.0.1 on IE 6.

When updating an internal application to 1.0.1, I found my app breaking with an error on IE: 'Object Doesn't Support this Property or Method.' My internal app only uses a few dojo and dijit classes, so I went through each one's tests to see which one was dying. Turns out to be:


Loading that file in FireFox? works fine. Loading it in IE 6 dies with an error of: 'Object doesn't support this property or method.'

So, that appears to be the culprit.

#5321 fixed dijit.Menu does not pass any args to dijit.MenuItem.onClick tk

Should dijit.Menu's onItemClick function pass the item back to dijit.MenuItem?'s onClick handler so users can intercept it?

Its a small fix, if this is acceptable I can commit the change.

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