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#5529 worksforme "rss feed" link at bottom of bug pages brings up download dialog guest guest

Normally Firefox opens the "subscribe to this feed with..." page for the given feed. A quick curl didn't turn up anything suspicious, seems like a trac configuration issue or something similar.

#12341 fixed "set readOnly" button in test_SimpleTextArea.html broken Douglas Hays bill

The "set readonly" button in test_SimpleTextArea.html doesn't do anything, mainly because of a typo in the test file where it specifies false instead of true.

But also:

  1. we are missing automated tests for readOnly
  2. _FormWidget.js unnecessarily adds readOnly to attributeMap, even though there is a custom setter
  3. the custom setter calls dojo.attr(this.focusNode, 'readOnly', value), with a capital O, rather than dojo.attr(this.focusNode, 'readonly', value), is that right?
#9067 fixed "this" shouldn't be referenced outside of "classes" Eugene Lazutkin bill

The dojo core code references "this" inside of normal functions. Probably this is for supporting multiple versions of dojo running on the same page?

For example:

every: function(/*Array|String*/arr, /*Function|String*/callback, /*Object?*/thisObject){
	return this._everyOrSome(true, arr, callback, thisObject); // Boolean

It could be considered a bug though. For example, the following code won't work:

var every = dojo.every;
every([1,2,3], function(x){ console.log(x); return true; });

It returns an error that:

TypeError: this._everyOrSome is not a function
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