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#71 fixed infinite recursion when property added to Array prototype alex manzoid

I tried using JSON in conjunction with Dojo. JSON includes this line:

Array.prototype.array = 'array';

This hangs the browser. Debugging w/ Venkman shows we got to a recursion depth of nearly 1,000 here:

package.js [parseProperties] 2950 2978 131012 994 72625 11921.88 25296.88

David spent some time stepping thru to examine this, and thought it might be due to someone inadvisedly using "" to iterate through an array, which would then trip up when an extra property is thrown in. However he grepped around a bit for that and didn't find a culprit.

#72 fixed Built package doesn't include SVN repo number alex david

It'd be nice if the built package referenced the last SVN repo number (as a build option, of course), something like:

/* Copyright (c) 2004-2005 The Dojo Foundation, Licensed under the Academic Free License version 2.1 or above (rev 1180) */

Also, the beginning of file comments should have a line break at the end, IMO.

#73 fixed change Widget system inheritence to prototypal mixin sjmiles psowden

The inheritence chain for a widget should descend from Widget into the specific implementation like so:

Widget -> Menu -> DomMenu? -> HtmlMenu?

The render specific Widget classes (DomWidget?, HtmlWidget?...) will be defined as interfaces which get "mixed in" to the corresponding Dom*, Html*... object's prototypes.

This will hopefully allow us to:

  • have a single defined interitence chain
  • allow us to check for instances of both Widget and Menu
  • allow us to call superclass methods in our *Menu chain
  • still reap the benefits of abstracting to *Widget
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