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#18179 fixed IE11 doesn't load ipad theme Adrian Vasiliu davliu

I noticed 1.10 start to support IE11 in dojox/mobile. but the IE11 can't load ipad theme. I checked the network trace, it actually doesn't load compat css files. To reproduce this issue, just access below url from IE11: click ipad tab in the top tabbar, you'll see the theme is still iphone theme

switch to use IE10 or chrome to test, it will switch to ipad theme without problem.

This issue also exist in 1.9.3.

#18265 wontfix iOS8 - Events not working after screen lock Adrian Vasiliu Michael Michalowski

There seems to be a Problem with the dojo event system and iOS8 under the following circumstances:

  1. Web-App is offline capable and attached to the home screen
  2. Screen was locked by switching the screen off and on again or by automatic screen lock

I noticed in my webapp that dojo/on events are not working, when my ipad 2 was locked and unlocked. So I created a simple jsfiddle for better reproducibility:

Use this URL on a iOS8 Device to attach the fiddle to the home screen:

The Fiddle shows three views and a very simple EdgeToEdgeList? for navigation. After the device was locked and unlocked the navigation is not working any longer.

Tested on an iPad 2 with iOS8.0 (12A365). The fiddle uses dojo nightly (1.10.1 is missing in jsfiddle), my web app uses 1.10.1.

I'm not sure if this is a dojo mobile or more an iOS8 issue.

#18268 fixed dojox/mobile/Switch will turn the whole page into mobile styling when it is used together with other widget. Adrian Vasiliu kenlau

The dojox/mobile/Switch causes the whole page into mobile styling if it is used together with other widget.

I have attached 2 simplified test cases to mimic the issues, one is using dojo 1.8.6., which show the correct styling, the other test case is using 1.10.x, which shows the incorrect styling that turns the whole page into mobile styling.

Please take a look.


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