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#55 fixed nightly build system needs to construct each of the available profiles david alex

The nightly shapshots that are currently deposited at should include builds of each of the profile files which are checked into buildscripts/profiles/. Additionally a subversion commit hook should be added to construct new builds in this vein a soon as the tree is tagged with a new release tag.

#56 wontfix dojo:type syntax broken in FF Alex [email protected]

If I use markup like: <dojo:foo/><dojo:foo/>

on FF, only the first 'foo' is created. No problems in IE.

#57 fixed Start advocating dojo? david Praneet Kandula

Looking through the toolkit, I found that though you guys haven't released a version yet, the code is actually amazingly complete. Props all around :-)

I also noticed that "marketing" dojo is a pretty important aspect to you guys, as all this code would go to waste if noone used it (and that would really be a shame).

That said, wouldn't this be the time to start "selling" dojo to some of the projects out there? Since I've been following WordPress? development, I'll use it as an example. Recently two pieces of AJAXy stuff were added to the WordPress? admin interface:

"Dockable Boxes": "On the fly category creation":

Both of these changesets introduced their own little toolkits (wp-admin/dbx.js, and wp-admin/twsack.js).

I assume that the intent is to introduce more dynamic elements into both the admin interface, and later, the actual blog. So based on this assumption, wouldn't it be beneficial for WordPress? to use something like dojo instead of combining various smaller libraries?

I'm not sure if dojo developers have tried approaching individual projects and telling them about dojo, but wouldn't this be a good way to publicize dojo (especially with a high profile project like WordPress??)

Just a thought.. :-)

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