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#6336 fixed xdomain builds with additional modules for "dojo.js" hangs James Burke James Burke

If you try to do a an xdomain build that adds more modules to dojo.js (like, say dojox.gfx), then the build hangs when generating dependencies for dojo.xd.js.

This only affects xdomain builds, not normal builds.

#2245 fixed xdomain build: "Maximum call stack exceeded" in Safari James Burke James Burke

It is pretty easy in Safari 2.0.4 to hit the ""Maximum call stack exceeded" error using xdomain builds. See the tests/xdomain tooltip test.

I heard the nightlies in Safari might have a higher upper limit on the call stack, but for the xdomain builds to be usable now, it would be good to figure out a solution that works for it now.

#2765 fixed xd: dojo.addOnLoad issue if dojo.require() things as part of an addOnLoad listener James Burke James Burke

There is an issue in xd loading if you do a dojo.require() as part of an addOnLoad listener, and after

    //do something with dojo.crypto in here.

The inner addOnLoad adds that listener to the same queue as the outer addonload queue, so it ends up executing before the dojo.require statements finish. Need to move the current queue off so that new dojo.addOnLoads happen after outstanding modules have loaded.

This might get a bit messy. If it looks like it will be too invasive, punt to 0.9.

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