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#1219 fixed "onClose" event is not invoked when I close a "dynamically created Tab" - (both in IE & Mozzila) bill [email protected]

Hi Gurus, I am using Dojo since last 1 month. My goal is to create a tab dynamically and when user will close the tab, I have to process something as part of tab's close event. The related code is listed below:

. . .

function testClose(pane,tab) {

return confirm("Please confirm that you want tab "+tab.label+" closed");

} . . . .

var tabTitle = "A CLOSABLE TAB";

var tabContainer = dojo.widget.byId('mainTabContainer');

var newTab = dojo.widget.createWidget("ContentPane?", {id:"Tab 11", label:tabTitle, onClose:"testClose" });




. .

My problem is: the testClose() function does never get called at all !! Same thing happens in IE & Mozzila.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanx, Kuntal

#13777 wontfix "position:absolute" inside ScrollableView can screw up scroll calculation ykami Ming Zhe Huang

Please see the video. Test case is also attached.
This test case derives from a much more complex scenario in which "position:absolute" is used for layout. However, if "position:absolute" is used, you cannot scroll to the bottom of the view.

#13462 wontfix "position:fixed" can screw layout of TabBar ykami Ming Zhe Huang

Please see the attached 2 HTML pages. When "position:fixed" is applied to TabBar?, then:

  1. The length of the TabBar? is not correct. It's longer.
  2. The position of the Tabs are not correct. They are not centered.

"position:fixed" is quiet important, since currently the only way to dock some thing to the bottom of a parent is using ScrollableView? + "fixed='bottom'". However, in many cases, ScrollableView? is not the appropriate choice and we have to do the layout by ourselves.

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