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#66 fixed new dojo site design unreadable [email protected] psowden

The new Dojo site design is unreadable in my Web browser, the site requires a very wide browser window and becomes completely unuseable as you get slimmer. The "tertiary content" seems to have more importance than the main content as it is very much wider and has a huge heading.

#67 fixed Deprecate optional first argument to connect() alex [email protected]

connect([type="after",] ...) is a confusing way to present an API. If you were learning by osmosis, you'd be very confused when you first encountered the uncommon cases of connect("before", ...) or connect("around", ...).

The easiest solution to this is to deprecate the optional-first-argument variant of connect, and simply use connectBefore and connectAround for the uncommon cases. It's shorter anyway, and far less confusing.

Explicit is better than implicit.

#70 fixed dojo.event.connect fires function on the same call at which it was connected alex anonymous

dojo.event.connect fires function on the same call at which it was connected.


dojo.event.connect(document, "onmousedown", function (e) {

dojo.event.connect(document, "onmousedown", function (e) { alert("foo"); });


The alert should not be displayed on the first mousedown.

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