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#2518 fixed xdomain doesn't parse io.bind result if content-type contains additional attributes James Burke stenduncan

Using XhrIframeProxy? to do cross-domain server calls. The server response has a header that looks like:

Content-Type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8

This works just fine in a non-xdomain situation. But using the XhrIframeProxy? I get an error. The problem is in the method

receive: function(/*String*/stateId, /*String*/urlEncodedData)


Fix responseXML. var contentType = facade.getResponseHeader("Content-Type");

if(contentType && (contentType == "application/xml"
contentType == "text/xml")){

facade.responseXML = dojo.dom.createDocumentFromText(response.responseText, contentType);



Notice that there is an exact query for content-type which won't match my content-type header.

I have written a brain-dead workaround that I call in my own javascript to repair the problem before I process the result in my handler method (passing in evt from the handler call which has "type, data, evt"):

fixResponseXML: function(response) {

anything to fix? if (response.responseXML != null) {



var bIsXML = false; var contentType = response.getResponseHeader("Content-Type"); var ct = ""; var ctValues = contentType.split(";"); for (var i=0; i<ctValues.length;i++) {

if (ctValues[i] == "application/xml"
ctValues[i] == "text/xml" ) {

ct = ctValues[i]; bIsXML = true; break;



if (bIsXML == false) {




Fix responseXML. response.responseXML = dojo.dom.createDocumentFromText(response.responseText, ct);



But it seems to me that the XhrIframeProxy? should be doing this check itself and returning the correct xml in the evt.responseXML object.

#2197 fixed xdomain builds: convert dojo.uri calls for images to use xdomain path instead of local baseScriptUri path James Burke James Burke

In an xdomain build, the dojo.uri objects for images will use baseScriptUri instead of considering the xdomain dojo location. Change dojo.uri to check for xdomain usage, and if the URI is for a .jpeg, .jpg, .gif or .png file, then use the xdomain location.

#2247 fixed xdomain builds: Get RichText to work with xdomain builds James Burke James Burke

Right now src/widget/RichText.js uses document.write to write in a textarea to save info on rich text instances. However, in xdomain builds, this breaks since that document.write code will be called after we have a document ready (but before all the dojo modules have been defined), and this blows away the document.

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