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#5136 duplicate race condition loading CSS / initializing widgets bill

Bug #5013 demonstrates a race condition with executing our JS initialization code before the CSS has finished downloading. Problem can happen on any browser although is most likely to happen on Safari since that's the fastest browser. Even after BorderLayout? widget is finished, things like TabContainer? still need all CSS loaded before they initialize, in order to compute the height/width of the tab labels correctly.

One possible solution is to implement a synchronous dojo.requireCSS() call, although that's complicated since it needs to deal @import statements somehow.

For now will add workaround code into mail demo but should fix for real.

#5183 fixed LayoutContainer layout messed up on Safari3/Webkit bill

See first example in

This is a regression from 1.0 where it was working:

#5194 invalid IE6: Form test checkboxes start checked, but aren't really haysmark

If you open the Form test in IE6, checkboxes 2,3,4 are checked, but only checkbox 4 is supposed to be checked. If you click getValues, indeed only 4 is submitted as checked. This does not happen in IE7; only IE6.

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