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#18934 fixed Updates for JS Foundation dylan dylan

And similar for other repos.

#18932 fixed Latest of version of Chrome (55.X) breaks ComboBox rmaccracken

The latest release of Chrome breaks the ability to open a ComboBox? using a mouse click.

To reproduce, go to the docs on ComboBox? and run the first demo. Clicking the arrow does not open the drop-down. It works if you use the keyboard.

After a bit of debugging, there seems to be a race condition. In _SearchMixin.js, the following line is executed: this._queryDeferHandle = this.defer(startQuery, this.searchDelay);

But before that defer executes startQuery, the closeDropDown method is called which aborts the query.

Please provide a fix ASAP as this is affecting existing customers who have upgraded to the latest Chrome.

#18931 fixed dijit/Calendar dylan melsman

There is a problem with the flat theme and dijit/Calendar in 1.11.2. The next month/prev month buttons do not show. See attached screen shot. The feature works fine in 1.10.6. To replicate the problem just test dojo-themes/flat/tests/flat.html with the dojo reference '<script src=""></script>' replaced with '<script src=""></script>'.

Note: See TracQuery for help on using queries.