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#16472 wontfix "name" attribute missing from object and embed elements created by dojox.embed.Flash Tom Trenka Vicente Jiménez Aguilar

"name" attribute is missing from object and embed elements created with dojox.embed.Flash.

As documented in It is recommended to include both "id" and "name" with the same value.

dojox.embed.Flash only includes "id" and misses "name".

I found this problem because I was using a flash component that uses ExternalInterface?.objectID to identified itself when calling back javascript global functions.

The problem is that apparently ExternalInterface?.objectID only gets initialized by the "name" attribute.

With dojox.embed.Flash there is no way to include this. I have even tried to include it adding a "name" attribute to the widget but not all attributes are used to "generate" the tag. So "name" finally wasn't included in the falsh tag (object or embed)

#13209 fixed "native-xhr" has test for XMLHttpRequestexistence breaks ben hockey ben hockey

the current test is

return !!XMLHttpRequest;

this breaks when XMLHttpRequest does not exist. better test is

return typeof XMLHttpRequest !=== 'undefined';
#18830 fixed "npm run test-local" hangs in dom-construct test Dylan Schiemann <[email protected]…> bill

Starting with 2c3e8d1fd090bbc7ca753392bc2a1f7c2495d475 the unit tests hang in the dom-construct test.

I saw the problem on mac. I first ran "chromedriver" and then ran "npm run test-local".

I think the problem is with the test clearing all of document.body, on the line:

 function clearTarget() {
       document.body.innerHTML = "";

But just removing that lines causes test failures.

The test should be creating a container node and working inside of that, like dom-prop does:

var container;

    name: 'dojo/dom-prop',
    setup: function () {
        container = document.createElement("div");
    teardown: function () {
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