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#15948 fixed dojox/mobile/Carousel: undesired ghost on some Android devices Eric Durocher Adrian Vasiliu

During the swipe gesture, on some Android devices an undesired ghost is drawn for the carousel item. Found on Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4, while not reproducing on other Android devices.

Can be reproduced for instance with dojox/mobile/tests/test_Carousel, but holds for any usage of the Carousel.

The attached patch avoids this misbehavior.

#15962 patchwelcome dojox/mobile/ToolBarButton and TabBarButton: undesired outline drawn in selected state (Chrome/Win) Patrick Ruzand Adrian Vasiliu

A minor cosmetic issue: when clicking a dojox/mobile/ToolBarButton or dojox/mobile/TabBarButton, on Chrome/Win (reproduced with Chrome 21), an undesired orange outline is drawn around the buttons. This is particularly unpleasant for buttons with arrows (such as the "back" button), as it can be seen in the attached backButtonWithOutline.png.

Can be reproduced using dojox/mobile/tests/test_Heading.html.

Only reproduced with Chrome/Win. No outline seen on other desktop and mobile browsers. Holds for all themes (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry).

The attached patch avoids this unwanted outline.

#15965 fixed dojox/mobile/Accordion: usability issue in "fixed height" mode (can't collapse an open pane by touching its title) Eric Durocher Adrian Vasiliu

The dojox/mobile/Accordion has three modes: "fixedHeight", "singleOpen", and the default mode. In all modes but the "fixedHeight" one, clicking/touching the title of an expanded pane closes it. Now, this creates usability troubles:

1/ Semantic inconsistency. What would be a good reason an open pane wouldn't close when touching its title just because it has the "fixedHeight" setting? According to its doc, the "fixedHeight" mode only concerns the sizing of the accordion, and it looks unexpected for the user that it influences the way the panes are open/closed.

2/ Unconfortable interaction on mobile devices. Example: Load dojox/mobile/tests/test_Accordion-demo.html on iPhone (say, in portrait orientation). Switch to the "Fixed" tab. Touch the title of the "ScrollableView" pane. Now this pane is open. Try to open a different pane: this is hard to achieve, because for that you need to touch the title of a different pane, and for that you need to scroll, but most of the screen is now covered by the ScrollableView thus the scroll gesture doesn't scroll the page but the content of the pane...

All in one, I think it is better to allow the collapsing of an open pane by touching its title, in "fixedHeight" mode just as in the other modes. This simple change is in the attached patch.

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