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#17944 fixed error on combobox destroy Adrian Vasiliu bill

dojox/mobile's _Combobox and _ComboBoxMenu are setting bgIframe to true/false, rather than to a widget like it should be, thus causing errors on destroy.

See dijit/tests/form/AutoCompleterMixin.html for a failing test case. (Obviously the dijit tests should not be referencing code in dojox but that's an orthogonal issue.)

#17985 patchwelcome dojox/mobile/ComboBox does not allow Scroll to last items Adrian Vasiliu jk

The dojox/mobile/ComboBox cannot handle many (tested with 50 and above items) options inside the mblComboBoxMenuPopup that opens. When trying to scroll down to a menu entry at the bottom of the Popup Window the Scrollbox flinches back so that it is not possible to select the last menuItem.

Bug can be reproduced with dojo 1.9.1 and Safari Browser on iPad 4 (iOS 7.1.1) and iPhone 5S (7.1.1)

Reproduction # Open the attached combobox.html

# Type in some numbers that produce a longer list of search results.

# Try to scroll down the list

Expected Result

  • List is scrolled so that results at the bottom can be selected.

Actual Result

  • List always jumps back to top. Results at the bottom cannot be selected.
#18000 fixed dojox/mobile/ComboBox: broken in RTL Adrian Vasiliu Adrian Vasiliu

When configured in RTL, dojox/mobile/ComboBox misbehaves.

How to reproduce:

Run for instance dojox/mobile/tests/bidi/test_ComboBox_rtl.html (on any browser). When opening any combo: "undefined is not a function" (or the like) in the console.

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