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#1291 fixed xdomain loading fails to intern templates that use dojo.uri.nsUri() James Burke James Burke

The build process python script is not looking for dojo.uri.nsUri() for widget templatePath and templateCssPath interning. To get it to work, consider doing:

  • parse the x.profile.js file for dependency prefixes.
  • Use those module/path mappings to help parse the dojo.uri.nsUri() usages.

Talk to Bryan Forbes for Python code to parse x.profile.js files.

#759 fixed xdomain loading dojo.undo.browser does not work James Burke James Burke

Put test case here:


Problem is that dojo.undo.browser wants to write out a iframe while the page is loading. However, that code won't get executed until after all packages have been loaded (too late).

Need a mechanism to specify blocks of code that should run as soon as they are loaded from a .xd.js file. This will require some minor surgery in the xd loading code, and a code convention needs to be identified.

#17032 fixed xdomain loader test failing Rawld Gill Rawld Gill

The tests tests._base.loader.xdomin-* are failing

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