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#15211 wontfix always return all items when target set to a json file Kris Zyp zhuxw

See the attached test page, when the store size is 2 items, the following queries now return the same result:

store.query({}, {
	start: 0

store.query({}, {
	start: 1

store.query({}, {
	start: 2

Expected: the 1st should return all rows, the 2nd should return only 1 row and the 3rd should return an empty array.

#15580 patchwelcome dojo.query not return correct results when custom attribute contains '=' or ',' Kris Zyp zhuxw

Given a dom structure like this:

<div id='container'>

<div myattr="a=b">


</div> <div myattr="cd">




Then the following query should return the <div> containing 1:

dojo.query("[myattr='a=b'] div", "container"); return []

But it returns an empty array.

But if removing the root node "container", it works fine:

dojo.query("[myattr='a=b'] div"); correct

Same thing appears if myattr='a,b'.

#15974 fixed Pagination grid not correctly rendered in TabContainer Evan zhuxw
  1. Pagination bar despaired when set a fixed height and width.(pls refer the pagination grid in first tab)
  1. (IE)Error message area is shown even there is no error happens when set grid to auto height and width.(pls refer the pagination grid in second tab)
  1. (IE)TabContainer? can not switch back to tab1 after switching tab1 to tab2(pls switch between tab1 and tab2 and then tab1):
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