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#18943 fixed [regression] dojo/util parseArgs breaking on IE8 dylan yohanleafheart

This is a regression from ticket . Since ArrayBuffer? and Blob do not exist in IE8 it throws an error when using a POST request with a simple object using dojo/request/xhr. it does not post:

--- Example

require(['dojo/request/xhr'], function (xhr) {, {"handleAs": "json", data: {"a": 1. "b": 2}}).then({
function (result){

-- Expected behavior

The log should bring the result

-- Actual behavior 'ArrayBuffer?' is undefined Object doesn't support this property or method The exception is generated at dojo/util.js:124

#18941 invalid charting: show markers on grid chart split

Currently the grid chart ignore "markers: true" option. However when there are more than 5 lines in the chart, it it difficult to distinguish the lines with similar colors without markers.

eg. Please see the attached pic, the light purple and the lighter purple, purple and navy, yellow and light brown

#18939 fixed Dojo 1.12 release notes dylan

Update 1.12 release notes with key changes and details from bugs fixed within

Add a 1.12.rst to and add details. Follow pattern similar to 1.11 release.

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