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#46 fixed Subwidgets appear in type-order not order in which they are listed in HTML Dylan [email protected]

[edited] quote from Alex on IRC discussion:

slightlyoff: So here's what's happening. Normally, widgets are constructed and then the nodes they are constructed from are *replaced* (which the parent node is). This means that the child nodes are then added to the parent without being node replacements. So they just get added in whatever order the parser encounters them and since they're getting put into type-specific buckets...

#47 fixed when should the * syntax be used? alex psowden

dojo.require("dojo.xml.htmlUtil"); works but dojo.require("dojo.xml.htmlUtil.*"); barfs.

Is the distinction defined, is this buggy, or something else?

#48 fixed load event called before widgets are completely initialized - IE only alex [email protected]

I tested my load event ("init") this way:


and this way

dojo.event.connect(dojo.hostenv, "loaded", dj_global, "init")

In both cases, my widgets were not yet registered in the widget manager when 'init' was invoked. In the second case an 'unknown' widget was registered while in the first, no widgets were registered at all (at "init" time).

The problem occurs in IE6 but not in FF 1.0.6.

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