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#3816 invalid xdomain loading: loader_xd.js sets dojo._isXDomain too much? James Burke James Burke

loader_xd.js sets dojo._isXDomain for each module call, but it seems like only the djConfig setting should be the indicator. Scrub down the dojo._isXDomain calls, maybe another place needs the value per-module but does not have access to the currentIsXDomain local variable.

It may be a non-issue, since in the local module case, it will be set to false, and things will load as desired synchronously, and for non-xd modules, after the module is attached as a script node, it looks like dojo._isXDomain may not be referenced to do anything. If that is the case, then maybe look at removing currentIsXDomain.

#758 fixed xdomain loading of widget that uses href attribute does not work with widgets in the href content. James Burke James Burke

This test case reproduces the issue:


The tooltip has a href="doc0.html" attribute. When doc0.html is brought in, it has markup for a combo box and and a button. It has a script block that does a dojo.require() for these widgets.

The asynchronous xd loading means that the widget parsing for doc0.html cannot be executed immediately. It would be good to register a dojo.addOnLoad() call before proceeding with the parsing (this will also work for non-xd dojo installs).

It looks like maybe the fix should be placed somewhere in src/widget/html/ContentPane.js (maybe somewhere in splitAndFixPaths?)

I would like some guidance on if this is the right place to put the fix, and if this is a 0.3.1 or 0.4 issue.

#4462 fixed xdomain loading of a layer file that contains dojo.gfx fails. James Burke James Burke

It fails with an error that looks something like:

dojox is not defined
[Break on this error] ["requireIf", dojox.gfx.renderer == "svg", "dojox.gfx.svg"].

The issue is the requireIf test expression, dojox.gfx.renderer == "svg", is being evaled before the content of dojo.gfx is run, so the expression is invalid. This is a normal xdomain behavior, but I probably need to extend the xdomain loader to:

  • do a try/catch around requireIf calls.
  • after all the modules are run in the right order, check to make sure there are no outstanding modules still loading before calling the onload callbacks.

With these changes, I hope the following behavior will happen:

  • The xdomain loader tries to map dependencies before running the module code. When it hits a requireIf like this, it will exception out, but inside a try/catch so it is ignored.
  • Then the module will be run, and then the real requireIf call can be made.
  • This will put a new request on the xdomain module loading stack. Need to make sure it is totally empty before notifying the onload listeners.
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