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#5169 patchwelcome dojox.layout.ContentPane with LayoutContainer abilities Adam Peller guest

I'm in need for a ContentPane? that loads its content remotely and acts as a LayoutContainer? for all its loaded widgets. I didn't find a solution with the standard widget set, so I created one on my own. Perhaps there's a chance to get this abilities into dojox.layout.ContentPane? directly. Here is my snippet of code for the widget.



postCreate : function() {
dojox.layout.ContentPane.prototype.postCreate.apply(this, arguments);
dijit.layout.LayoutContainer.prototype.postCreate.apply(this, arguments);
,startup	: function(){
dojox.layout.ContentPane.prototype.startup.apply(this, arguments);

,layout : function() {,arguments)
,startupChildren : function() {
dojo.forEach(this.getChildren(), function(child){ child.startup(); });

I'm not sure whether or not that code is optimized for dojo. It simply works for me. Perhaps one could have a look onto it. I will repost this at the dojox developer forum for better code highlighting.

#5171 patchwelcome Allow stroke width to be specified in absolute units Eugene Lazutkin guest

Filing this request per forum post :

I'm new to the whole svg thing. Is there a way for me to get the stroke width on a shape to remain a constant pixel size regardless of how the shape is scaled? I'm working mostly with tiled rectangles. I want the border between them to stay one pixel wide regardless of the unit size of the rectangles or the size at which they are scaled. For example, if I have a square that has width and height of 100, I want the border to be one pixel. If I scale it by 10, I still want the border to be one pixel, and not grow to a fat line.

#5255 patchwelcome cant select text of dnd item with handle (IE) Eugene Lazutkin [email protected]

On IE (at least IE6-8) cannot select the text in a drag item with a handle. Since dragging is limited to the handle, the other text of the drag object should be selectable. Works in FF.

See test_dnd_handles.html.

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