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#12211 fixed DataGrid TextBox editable cell escapes the '&' in its value evan zhuxw

Dijit TextBox? editable cell in data grid escapes all the '&' characters when entering editing mode, and it does not revert this escape process when editing is completed. For example: if the original data is "A & B", after entering editing mode, the text box shows "A & B". Then click somewhere else to submit edit, the data becomes "A & B" instead of "A & B".

#12422 duplicate FilteringSelect with client side store causes infinite recursion when setting value Douglas Hays zhuxw

Setting value to FilteringSelect? will sometimes cause infinite recursion. See dijit/form/FilteringSelect.js function _setValueAttr. When calling set("value", ...) to a FilteringSelect?, which is the standard way, this function is called. But later it'll call _callbackSetLabel in the callback of store.fetchItemByIdentity. If the store is a client side store, then at this time the _setValueAttr has not end yet. What does _callbackSetLabel do? It calls this.set("item", ...)! Here's the tricky thing, the FilteringSelect?._setItemAttr first calls its super class method, which is _AutoCompleterMixin._setItemAttr, which will call this.set("value", ...)!

So the recursion is: FilteringSelection?._setValueAttr -> FilteringSelection?._callbackSetLabel -> FilteringSelection?._setItemAttr -> _AutoCompleterMixin._setItemAttr -> FilteringSelection?._setValueAttr

This loop never ends, and finally causes "too much recursion" in Firefox.

#15048 patchwelcome DataGrid can not submit alwaysEditing rows into store using grid.edit.apply() Evan zhuxw

In alwaysEditing mode, the grid.edit.apply does not work. The store is not updated at all. I debugged and found the function doApplyEdit in DataGrid?:

doApplyEdit: function(inRowIndex, inDataAttr){

var cache = this._cache[inRowIndex]; /*if(cache){

var data = this.getItem(inRowIndex); if(, inDataAttr) != cache){

this.update(cache, data, inRowIndex);

} delete this._cache[inRowIndex];

}*/ this.onApplyEdit(inRowIndex);


The update part is commented out, and there's no store.setValue() used.

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