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#3772 fixed xdomain loading: when loading local modules, have to do some weird things with dojo.baseUrl and module paths? James Burke James Burke

To load a combination of local and xd modules, I ended up with this djConfig:

		djConfig = {
			isDebug: true,
			baseUrl: "./",
			modulePaths: {
				tyby: "tyby",
				dijit: ""
			debugContainerId: "debugArea",
			xdWaitSeconds: 5

It would be nice not to have to specify the CDN paths since they should be implied. Ideally, the dojo.baseUrl would not be needed either.

#3177 fixed xdomain loading: possible error if local module does dojo.requireLocalization on an xd i18n bundle. James Burke James Burke

A local module loaded via XHR might try to do a dojo.requireLocalization() on an xd i18n bundle (maybe to reuse some date, numbering stuff?), and that case will probably fail.

This happens because loader_xd.js assumes that dojo.requireLocalization calls inside a local module are for local resources, and will be loaded via a synchronous XHR, so it does not try to track them.

loader_xd.js::dojo._xdCreateResource should pull out requireLocalization calls for remote resources and make sure they are loaded up front before the module is evaluated.

Marking as 0.9beta, but this could be considered an edge case, something to pick up for 0.9 final.

#3702 fixed xdomain loading: local i18n bundles are not evaluated in time James Burke James Burke

Discovered in 0.9.0beta: if you define a local i18n bundle (one loaded via the normal XHR loading path, and not as an xdomain module), it is not evaluated at the right time, or may even be skipped.

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