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#12173 fixed DataGrid editable cell can not be correcttly focused in IE Bryan Forbes zhuxw

When using dojox.grid.cells._Widget for editable cells in IE8, sometimes double clicking the cell to enter editing mode will lose focus. The input focus will probably occur in another DOM node (another cell in most cases), and can show typed characters, as the attached img shows. In IE7, it's almost not possible to enter editing mode when singleClickEdit is false, and need to double click when singleClickEdit is true.

#12178 patchwelcome Lose focus when navigating editable cells using TAB key Evan zhuxw

Steps to create:

  1. Create a grid with editable cells
  2. Move between the cells using the TAB key (press faster than usual)

Result: Sometimes the cursor gets lost and jumps out of grid. If there is other features (e.g. pagination bar), jumps to that feature.

#12179 fixed Cell focus is lost on merged cells Bryan Forbes zhuxw

Use CellMerge? plugin in grid, merge several cells in a row, and use the first cell as the major cell. Then focus the merged cell, press right key try to navigate to the next visible cell. The focus will get lost since it's actually focusing the hidden cell. To solve this issue need to rewrite the move function in _FocusManager.

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