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#4990 fixed Heading in toolbar test inaccurate--or icons showing when they shouldn't. Tom Trenka

In test_Toolbar.html, the last toolbar states that it should be a text only toolbar, but both icons and text is showing.

Safari 3/Leopard, FF2/Win2k3.

#5003 fixed Tree: support separate (user-defined) icons for open / closed state bill

A user might want to have separate tree node icons for opened and closed states (think of Windows Explorer with the opened and closed folders). Want to have a CSS pattern/rule like:

.dijitTreeNodeContents .myIcon {
  background-image: url(...);
.dijitTreeNodeExpandedContents .myIcon {
  background-image: url(...);

The problem is that that expanded/contracted state can't be written on TreeNode.domNode because it will seep down to the children TreeNodes.

Alternately, make getIconClass() be called every time the node state changes (from expanded to collapsed), and pass in the new state.

#5007 fixed ComboBox in a TooltipDialog: arrow jumps (FF2/Win) bill

Possibly related to #5006: on FF2/WinXP, clicking the pizza combobox arrow (on the first tooltip dialog in test_Dialog.html) the 1st time causes the arrow to shift left dramatically, and clicking a 2nd time, moves it back right.

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