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#53 fixed InlineEditBox loses anchor on Save david [email protected]

When first displayed, an InlineEditBox? shows an Edit link (anchor) on mouse over. Once the value has been edited and saved, the anchor no longer shows up. If the edit is cancelled, though, the anchor is still visible. (I'm seeing this behaviour on the test_InlineEditBox.html test page.)

#54 fixed Implement something like Behavior.js alex Praneet Kandula

Does Dojo currently provide a way to trigger events without including the function call in the markup?

For example, to call a function onClick, we'd usually do this:

<ul id="example"> <li> <a onclick="this.parentNode.removeChild(this)" href="#"> Click me to delete me </a> </li> </ul>

A bunch of javascript functions all over the code would really take away from the semantics and just make it kinda ugly :-).

Behavior.js ( ) fixes this by allowing us to trigger those events in our javascript include files, so in this case, our javascript include (main.js for example) would have:

var myrules = {

'#example li' : function(el){

el.onclick = function(){






This way, our html markup could be nice and clean, because it doesn't have the javascript function calls littered throughout.

Is there any way we can incorporate behavior.js type functionality into dojo? The really neat part I like about this is the ability to use the CSS selectors to refer to elements (Implemented through the document.getElementsBySelector() function). Makes it simple, I think :-).

Here's the link to the actual code, and sorry for the really long description. I need to work on concise..

#55 fixed nightly build system needs to construct each of the available profiles david alex

The nightly shapshots that are currently deposited at should include builds of each of the profile files which are checked into buildscripts/profiles/. Additionally a subversion commit hook should be added to construct new builds in this vein a soon as the tree is tagged with a new release tag.

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