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#4792 patchwelcome ColorPalette: use dijit tooltip for color information bill Becky Gibson

currently the tooltip uses the title attribute to provide the color information via a browser generated tooltip. This is useful for situations when loading of images is turned off so the user can figure out which color to pick. But, since the title attribute doesn't work for keyboard users, a keyboard user with images turned off has no idea what the color is. We have added alt text to the color palette image but it really isn't usable.

So, it would be nice to use a dojo tooltip which will display on focus. But, this could be annoying for users as they arrow thru the color palette (and particularly so for screen reader users so I'm wondering if it would be possible to do this only when a11y mode is detected?

#4847 patchwelcome Accordion: allow horizontal or vertical orientation for Accordion dante guest

Currently, the accordion container only allows "up and down" sliding panes. It would significantly expand the UI flexibility of the accordion layout if the panes could slide left/right as well.

#5010 patchwelcome GFX benchmarking suite Eugene Lazutkin alex

The generous webkit folk are looking for some good benchmarks to stress their SVG implementation. In the spirit of giving everyone a fair shot, ISTM that we should build some benchmarks that cover:

  • object creation for various sorts of drawables
  • animation of individual object properties
  • animation of large numbers of nodes concurrently (lots of spinning 3D cubes/cylinders?)
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