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#13634 fixed dijit.InlineEditBox property "editing" not watchable Douglas Hays zimnyx
<zimnyx> Is dojo code supposed to use get/set for all public properties? I ask because I tried to'editing', ...), but it 
         cannot work, because its value is set via "widget.editing = ...". 
<zimnyx> Am I supposed to file a bug on this issue, or some refactoring is planed to cover it globally ?
<sfoster> zimnyx: I think that's a bug, it probably should be watchable
<sfoster> or at least it seems a reasonable request
<zimnyx> sfoster: I think it's quite common in dojo code...
<sfoster> zimnyx: not every property is supposed to have a setter.
<sfoster> but those that represent a state change probably should
<PEM> zimnyx what dojo version are you using ?
<zimnyx> PEM: 1.6.1
<PEM> you might aswell do a editor.on("onChange", ...
<PEM> ah, but that's only available in 1.7 :)
<PEM> hmm well anyway, it's strange that you cannot access this property, maybe it was not intended to be public ?
<zimnyx> PEM:
<zimnyx> it's in API docs mantioned as "Is the node currently in edit mode?"
#14975 wontfix Building fails when profileFile path contains spaces Rawld Gill zimnyx

How to trigger error

Profile file without spaces in path wotks fine:

/tmp/laal/1.7.2/util/buildscripts$ ./ --release profile=/tmp/laal/dir_witout_spaces/base.profile.js 
+ java -Xms256m -Xmx256m -cp ./../shrinksafe/js.jar:./../closureCompiler/compiler.jar:./../shrinksafe/shrinksafe.jar ./../../dojo/dojo.js baseUrl=./../../dojo load=build --release profile=/tmp/laal/dir_witout_spaces/base.profile.js
processing profile resource /tmp/laal/dir_witout_spaces/base.profile.js
info(107) Package Version: package: dojo; version: 1.7.2
processing profile resource /tmp/laal/1.7.2/dojo/dojo.profile.js
discovering resources...
starting reading resources...
starting processing raw resource content...
starting tokenizing resource...
starting processing resource tokens...
starting parsing resource...
starting processing resource AST...
warn(216) dojo/has plugin resource could not be resolved during build-time. plugin resource id: dojo-firebug?./_firebug/firebug; reference module id: dojo/main
warn(216) dojo/has plugin resource could not be resolved during build-time. plugin resource id: dom-addeventlistener?:./aspect; reference module id: dojo/on
starting executing global optimizations...
starting writing resources...
starting cleaning up...
starting reporting...
Report written to /tmp/laal/1.7.2/release/dojo/build-report.txt
Process finished normally.
	errors: 0
	warnings: 2
	build time: 3.839 seconds

..but if path contains spaces:

/tmp/laal/1.7.2/util/buildscripts$ ./ --release profile=/tmp/laal/dir\ with\ spaces/base.profile.js 
+ java -Xms256m -Xmx256m -cp ./../shrinksafe/js.jar:./../closureCompiler/compiler.jar:./../shrinksafe/shrinksafe.jar ./../../dojo/dojo.js baseUrl=./../../dojo load=build --release profile=/tmp/laal/dir with spaces/base.profile.js
error(343) Illegal command line argument. switch: with; position: 4
error(343) Illegal command line argument. switch: spaces/base.profile.js; position: 5
error(344) File does not exist. filename: /tmp/laal/dir.profile.js
errors on command line; terminating application.

Error reason

Script iterates over its parameters using

while [ -n "$1" ]
    arg="$1" # Here param profile=path becomes simple string (end every other param)
    # ...
    ba="$ba $arg"    

$cmd $cmdflags load=build $ba # Paths in params listed in $ba are not protected with "" so spaces virtualy creates new params.
#11975 fixed dijit.form.Select is too tall in high contrast mode under Claro theme bill zhuxw

When using high contrast mode, the dijit.form.Select widget becomes much taller than usual.

Cause: The "display: block" in claro theme file has overridden the "display: none" fix in dijit.css for a11y issues:

dijit/themes/dijit.css line 163

.dijit_a11y div.dijitArrowButtonInner
  display: none //This is correct!

dijit/themes/claro/form/select.css line 49:

.claro .dijitSelect .dijitArrowButton .dijitArrowButtonInner{
  display: block //This overrides the previous one!
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