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#1645 invalid "file doesn't exist" errors in Safari loading DropdownDatePicker demo Adam Peller [email protected]

When loading the DropdownDatePicker? demo in Safari (v2.0.4) an error appears in the status bar: "There were 2 errors opening the page. For more information, choose Activity from the Window menu."

Opening the Activity window yields a list of files loaded by the page. Two have failed to load with "file doesn't exist" errors:

src/i18n/calendar/nls/en/gregorianExtras.js src/widget/nls/en/DropdownDatePicker.js

...and indeed, files don't exist that match these paths. In both cases, however, files with those names exist in the parent directory (nls).

#666 wontfix "file","submit","reset","button" not sent with form James Burke anonymous

I really do wonder if that is the correct approach, especially as many server scripters test existence of the submit button before processing the form:

if get_request().get_field('submitBtnName') is not None:

process form

From BrowserIO.js:

only add if input of type NOT in array

else if(!dojo.lang.inArray(type, ["file", "submit", "reset", "button"])) {

values.push(name + "=" + enc(elm.value));


Perhaps either setting flags for send_file, send_submit etc or defining the array of unsent types elsewhere might be prudent?

regards, Mark (pending dojo fan)

#14580 wontfix "first Dojo wins" policy breaks in the built version Rawld Gill riceyeh

The dojo.js in source version has a policy "first Dojo wins". The policy breaks in its built version. This can be proven by where a loaded (through dojo.require) module by the first dojo is loaded again in the second dojo. Another discussion on this problem is

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