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#17502 fixed A scroll gesture started on a form widget activate both the ScrollableView scroll and the browser native scroll. Adrian Vasiliu Patrick Ruzand

When a ScrollableView? contains a form widget like an input field, text area or button, and that the user starts a "scroll" gesture by touching such a dijit, both the ScrollableView? scroll and the browser native scroll are activated.

To reproduce, modify the dojox/mobile/tests/test_FormLayout.html to include a ScrollableView? instead of a View, and run it. Then, press on a textarea and start a vertical gesture to scroll the view.

Reproduce on iOS only (tested on iOS6 and 7)

#17505 wontfix dojox/mobile/ScrollableView badly handles resize events caused by keyboard overlay on iOS7/Cordova Adrian Vasiliu Patrick Ruzand

This issue only happens on iOS7 AND cordova app. When a ScrollableView? contains input fields, and the field is located at the bottom of the screen (not necessarily at the "very bottom", just in the area where the keyboard will overlap), the view does not scroll to make the input field visible, and the input field loose the focus. This issue seems to be due to some resize() events that are received by the scrollableView and seems to trouble the scroll computation (maybe the reported screen size is different in this cordova context ?) Another effect of this behavior is for "browser overlay" (ie not dojox/mobile/Overlay): due to the bad resize, when the overlay pops up (for example a spin wheel (again, not dojox/mobile/SpinWheel but browser ctrl)) the transparency of the overlay is composed witht he black background of the WebView? and the spin ctrl is very dark and hard to read.

Attached a testcase that reproduces the issue. Should be built as a Cordova app.

#17539 wontfix iOS (6 and 7) - Switching from landscape to portrait when virtual keyboard is displayed causes wrong resize of Views Adrian Vasiliu Sebastien Pereira

Step to reproduce: 1 - open a view which contain an input field (a test sample is attached) 2 - enter some text in the input field (do not close the virtual keyboard) 3 - move the device in landscape mode (do not close the virtual keyboard) 4 - move the device back to the portrait mode 5 - close the virtual keyboard

Result: the view is wrongly resized. Note: this can be reproduce on ios6.

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