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#18962 invalid request/xhr and request/node and progress notifications Martin Marko

progress notification is not geting data, as documented

Progress data will be given to the progress handler if it is provided and if the platform supports progress events (any browser supporting XHR2 or node.js).

in xhr implementation, progress callback receives response and chunk has to be parsed as delta from response.xhr.responseText in node there is notificaton missing (only on('socket') is repoted as promise progress.

Any chanve for uniform integrace with chunks of data to be sent as callback parameters and implemented in both components ?

This is essencial for JSON Streaming and other Streaming styles of requests. Thanx a lot.

#18961 duplicate Dojox/mobile/scrollableview scroll issue upadhyaya8095

dojox/mobile/ScrollableView (1.10+) in a cordova application have some scroll issues, which I have started observing recently and its only happening in android phones. I am currently using widget-based architecture. Even some of the store apps are facing this issue.

#18960 invalid ItemFileReadStore → xhr → fromJson → eval → Content-Security-Policy violation Anders Kaseorg

It seems that ItemFileReadStore cannot work under a useful Content-Security-Policy, because it uses xhr with handleAs: "json-comment-optional", which calls fromJson, which is a wrapper around eval (rather than a real JSON parser like json.parse).

Can we just alias fromJson to json.parse? Or fix xhr’s json/json-comment-filtered/json-comment-optional handlers to use json.parse?

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