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#15017 fixed rendering broken in IE9 (dojo 1.8) ykami Adrian Vasiliu

The rendering of is broken in IE9. This holds for dojo-trunk as of 14 March 2012 (dojo 1.8).

How to reproduce:

  1. Launch dojox/mobile/tests/test_Badge.html from dojo-trunk in IE9.

=> The badges have no filling (while they are filld with green, red, or blue in FF, Chrome, and various mobile browsers). See the attached screenshot which compares the rendering in FF10 and IE9.


The CSS files of (one per color) : dojox/mobile/themes/common/domButtons/DomButton<colorname>Badge.css specify filling the badge with a gradient. This works fine in FF and Chrome, and various mobile devices. But in IE9 the gradient fill is not rendered.

I tried adding this to the css: filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#6ba2e7', endColorstr='#216dd6',GradientType?=0 ); I'm not sure this is the perfect solution but it did make the gradient appear in IE9. But then we fall into the trouble with round corners on IE9: the gradient filling is rectangular while the badge has rounded corners. A google search shows various solutions. I would think the solution using an intermediate div for the rounding and a child div for the gradient with overflow:hidden would be the simplest, but this needs to be confirmed.

#15039 fixed DOM exception in IE9 ykami Adrian Vasiliu

The setter of the "badge" property of raises in IE9 the following error: SCRIPT5022: DOM Exception: NOT_FOUND_ERR (8) TabBarButton?.js, line 232 character 6

This is because, when the value is null or undefined, the setter tries to remove an unexisting child. The call of domNode.removeChild is safe everywhere but in IE9.

How to reproduce:

  1. Launch dojox/mobile/tests/
  2. Press the "Search" button (on the bottom) three times.

==> The error quoted above shows-up in IE9. (Works fine in other desktop and mobile browsers).

Patch attached.

#15075 fixed mobile gallery demo improvements cjolif Adrian Vasiliu

This is a ticket to collect various enhancements needed in demos/mobileGallery for Dojo 1.8.

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