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#17454 fixed dojox/mobile/scrollable: performance problems on Android (and in some extent BlackBerry) devices Adrian Vasiliu Adrian Vasiliu

The following performance/usability issues hurt the scrolling machinery of Dojo Mobile (dojox/mobile/scrollable) on Android, especially recent versions such as 4.2/4.3, and in some extent on BlackBerry?:

  • Unpleasant "lag": at the end of the scrolling gesture (touch end event), the final slide animation starts with a delay which is more or less large depending on the device, browser, and OS version.
  • Cannot quickly chain scrolling gestures where you start scrolling before the end of the previous scroll or right at the end of it.

How to reproduce: for instance run dojox/mobile/tests/test_ScrollableView-demo-long.html, switch to its "Categories" tab and play with the scrolling in various Android and BB devices (on Android 4+, with both stock browser and Chrome).

#17455 fixed dojox/mobile: adapt to iOS 7: do not try to hide Safari's address bar Adrian Vasiliu Adrian Vasiliu

In iOS 7, there's no Javascript way anymore to hide Safari's address bar. That is, the window.scrollTo() trick no longer works.

This (unsuccessful) attempt to hide the address bar should be disabled automatically for iOS7+.

#17459 fixed dojox/mobile: code cleanup - use dot notation instead of array notation for config flags Adrian Vasiliu Adrian Vasiliu

Wherever possible, replace usages, for config flags, of array syntax by dot syntax. For instance, config.flag instead of config["flag"].

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