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#10636 wontfix Select: long delay when lots of data Nathan Toone zimnyx

Browser: FF 3.5.7, Opera 9.6 After I click select to see option list I must wait 4 seconds for the first time, w/further dropping-up/down performs much better. In comparsion, dijit.form.FilteringSelect with the same selcet options doesn't have such "freeze".

I'm attaching a simple HTML and JSON that contains Select and FilteringSelect, so you can see speed difference.

#12213 duplicate Select: doesn't display option with empty value. Douglas Hays zimnyx

Try this code. Option with label "-------------" is not displayed at all. (FF 3.6)


        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
        <script type="text/javascript" src=""
        djConfig="parseOnLoad: true">
    <body class="claro">
        <select name="select" dojoType="dijit.form.Select">
            <option value="">-------------</option>
            <option value="TN" selected="selected">Tennessee</option>
            <option value="VA">Virginia</option>
#12977 fixed dijit.form.*: inconsistency in treating required flag and in docs on validating forms. bill zimnyx

Only one dijit.form widget (ValidationTextBox?) define method _setRequiredAttr. This method calls _refreshState() which sets widget state based on required flag among others. The side effect is that only this widget returns up-to-date value of property 'state' after form is loaded.

Here are two examples proving inconsistency; both fields are empty after form is loaded:

Form A:

  • ValidationtextBox (required=true)
  • Select (required=false)
    >>> false # it's because ValidationtextBox.get('state') == 'Incomplete', which is OK

Form B:

  • ValidationtextBox (required=false)
  • Select (required=true)
    >>> true # both Select.get('state') and ValidationtextBox('state') returned "", and for Select this value is not expected. 

Docs states:
Dijit provides hooks so you can either disable the submit button, or popup an error message when the user tries to submit, or even focus on the invalid field.

Disabling submit button until form is ready to submit is not possible with Select input, because empty Select(required=True), initially returns state "", which means value is valid and ready to send, which is just not true.

Docs also states:
returns if the form is valid - same as isValid

It's not true as formB.isValid() and formB.validate() will return opposite values on this form.

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