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#14971 fixed demos/touch: severe regression when running with Dojo 1.8 (dojo-trunk) Evan Adrian Vasiliu

Updates are needed in demos/touch to fix a severe regression when running with dojo-trunk (Dojo 1.8).

Reproduced with as of 6 March 2012.

How to reproduce:

Launch demos/touch/demo.html in any browser. => The pie chart is simply not there. The console shows: "Uncaught TypeError?: Cannot read property 'generateGradient' of undefined"

#14978 worksforme Dojo parser: parsing comma-separated elements into an array should support a way to escape commas inside elements bill Adrian Vasiliu

Various widgets have properties of type Array that can be specified in mark-up using strings. For example, one can specify

<div data-dojo-type=""

labels="'a','b'" ...>

or <div data-dojo-type=""

labels="a,b" ...>

The Dojo parser transforms these comma-separated strings into an array of 2 elements (this holds for both dojo/parser and dojox/mobile/parser).

So far so good, but it seems there's currently no easy way to include a comma in an element. Say, if we need an array of 2 elements, "a,A" and "b,B", specifying

<div data-dojo-type=""

labels="'a,A','b,B'" ...>

the parsed array contains 4, not 2 elements.

The following attempts to escape the comma character do not work either:

<div data-dojo-type=""

labels="'a\,A','b\,B'" ...>

<div data-dojo-type=""

labels="'a&#44;A','b&#44;B'" ...>

How to reproduce:

  1. Unzip the attached, say into the parent folder of dojo and dijit (otherwise, adapt the paths in test.html). This contains test.html which includes in mark-up three occurrences of a dijit widget defined in TestWidget?.js, using different ways to define an array of 2 elements each containing a comma.
  2. Run test/test.html

=> The console shows the elements of the parsed arrays. In all cases, the array has 4, not 2 elements.

#15013 fixed transitions broken in some browsers ykami Adrian Vasiliu

The mobile view transitions are broken in some browsers. Reproduced in Firefox 10 on desktop using dojo-trunk as of 14 March 2012. Works fine in other desktop and mobile browsers.

How to reproduce:

  1. Launch dojox/mobile/tests/test_new_transition-animations.html in Firefox (tested in FF10).
  2. Click any item.

=> No transition.

Patch attached.

The bug exists in dojo-trunk since rev. 27594 of dojox/mobile/ViewController.js. The bug is NOT present in the 1.7.2 branch.

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