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#12516 fixed xhr offline: bug due to _isDocumentOk() change piopier

I was working with Dojo 1.4 . When calling d.xhr() offline, xhr() was executing the error handler, which is a good detection of this problem. In Dojo 1.6, xhr() called offline is executing the load handler !!

It seems that this is due to a change in d._isDocumentOk() : when the ioargs.status.code is 0, _isDocumentOk() returns true...

You can see a test case in the reference guide, example 7 after checking "File-->Work offline" in firefox

#4386 fixed xhr inflight watcher has bad loop logic sjmiles sjmiles

_watchInFlight uses dojo.forEach to iterator over the private _inFlight array. Because it also sometimes modifies that array (removes items) during iteration, the iteration is unstable (items get missed).

Primary symptom is incorrect sync behavior when an async request is inflight.

Recoding the loop using for instead of forEach makes it easy to adjust the indices as needed.

#3941 duplicate xhr formToQuery wrong url when multiple inputs have the same name. anonymous guest

xhr form handling code will not generate proper url when multiple inputs have the same name.

<input type="checkbox" checked name="multi2" value="bing">
<input type="checkbox" checked name="multi2" value="bong">

url will currently be multi2=bong while browser will generate multi2=bing&multi2=bong

the issue is further complicated by fact that current code uses object as an intermediate format and that url has no notion of array.
If we look object->form->object conversion for example:
both objects {"multi2": "bing"} and {"multi2": ["bing"]} will result in same query string multi2=bing .
it is obvious we can not convert this back to object, and code expecting array will break if url holds only one value.

php on server side has a simple naming convention to address this. For multiple values of a parameter:
if parameter name ends with "[]" an array will be created with all values, and "[]" will be stripped from parameter name,
if parameter name doesn't end with "[]" only last value will be used.

The issue goes even further because browser will handle any input with the same name this way, it will simply add the value to url as many times as the input appears.

I've created test case and patch for this issue addressing only checkbox because it is very common usage.

I'm have a version that follows mentioned php convention, but this may be unsuitable for some users.

I've sent a request for becomming a contributor, signed CLA also. alex could you spare some time and answer my email, am I not welcome ?. (sorry for using tracc for this.)

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