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#8918 fixed on deleting rows while having filter set Bryan Forbes blurayne

The error above is thrown when i have a dojox.grid.DataGrid?, apply a filter, delete all filtered rows and the switch back the filter (example included).

dojo/data/ItemFileReadStore.js: _assertIsItem: function(/* item */ item){ if(!this.isItem(item)){ throw new Error(" Invalid item argument.");

Browser: Firefox 3.0.7

#18244 wontfix lang.js fix up the isAlien and _toArray dylan [email protected]

Hi sir, I have two question as following

(1) isAlien will return true if it is a built in function, but the source file of this method, why it has a !lang.isFunction(it)?

isAlien: function(it){
return it && !lang.isFunction(it) && /\{\s*\[native code\]\s*\}/.test(String(it)); // Boolean

(2) IE9 and above browser can cover the HTMLCollection to Javascript object, In the source, it will call the slow function.

_toArray: has("ie") ?
				function slow(obj, offset, startWith){
					var arr = startWith||[];
					for(var x = offset || 0; x < obj.length; x++){
					return arr;
				return function(obj){
					return ((obj.item) ? slow : efficient).apply(this, arguments);  //IE 9 and above, will call the slow function
			})() : efficient,
#18273 patchwelcome dom-style get style bug, return value is error [email protected] [email protected]

e.g: test in IE7


height:1000px; width: 3000px; }


width:50%; height:50%;}

domStyle.get(node, height) /* not 500px; it is equal to 1500.*/

I have review the source of dom-style.js, the bug issue from the toPixel function(IE version). it set the = 50%; and return the style

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