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#18273 patchwelcome dom-style get style bug, return value is error [email protected] [email protected]

e.g: test in IE7


height:1000px; width: 3000px; }


width:50%; height:50%;}

domStyle.get(node, height) /* not 500px; it is equal to 1500.*/

I have review the source of dom-style.js, the bug issue from the toPixel function(IE version). it set the = 50%; and return the style

#18304 invalid domReady module bugs in async mode [email protected] [email protected]

on non-IE browsers, require domReady plugin, the readyState is complete, not the interactive, This bugs occur in following conditions.

  1. require file(dojo/dojo.js) and dojo/domReady.js don't combine into one file.
  2. Use the async method require the domReady module.

The reason is DOMContentLoaded Event already is done before loaded the domReady module.

#18506 invalid "fx.fadeOut" does not call the function onEnd passed as "__FadeArgs" argument 65KrivonosovAV 65KrivonosovAV

The fx.fadeout function is called In the body of the dijit.Dialog.hide() function. The fx.fadeout function is called with the arguments __FadeArgs {..., onEnd: function(){...}} but the onEnd function is never called. Renaming "onEnd" to "onStop" solves the problem.

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