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#317 [meta] dojo.text utility parsers; reST, markdown, wiki markup, ... Tom Trenka psowden

Ressurect dojo.text to house a number of text formatting language parsers including reST, markdown, wiki markup, ...

This is also a possible candidate to house dojo.html.renderedTextContent which seems to me to be a minority function in the ubiquitous dojo.html namespace.

Assigning to self and marking as a meta bug.

#1923 transformToDocument is broken in (at least) IE7 Tom Trenka guest

transformToDocument doesn't return a valid DOM object in IE7 (probably all versions of IE). getIeResultDom() doesn't properly handle the xsltProcessor.output string. Attached is a patch that fixed this for me.

#1979 XSLT parsing support in Opera 9 should be included in XslTransform Tom Trenka [email protected]

the dojo.xml.XslTransform? script provides XSL-T support for IE & Mozilla based browsers. (I could not get it working though, and my Firefox 2.0 crashed, so I had to customize the code a bit for my use). Opera provides support for XSL-T through the opera.pushXSLTransform() and opera.popXSLTransform() API. The main drawback I noticed is that it only applies the transform on the current document. I'm not sure if its possible to circumvent this in dojo, but it would be great to have the XslTransform? support Opera 9. Also, some examples to using XslTransform? would be neat.

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