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#1768 ShrinkSafe fails on 'var' lists defect high 1.2
#2331 Dojo Compressor - can we have an option to NOT normalize utf-8 encoded data to unicode escape sequences? enhancement high 1.0
#2440 Shrinksafe fails on files with UTF-8 BOM defect high
#2876 ShrinkSafe v0.1.0 will break javascript with multiple var inside if-else defect high 1.3
#3241 [patch][ccla]Shrinksafe forward reference problem defect high 1.4
#4574 Shrinksafe inserts extra semi-colon defect high 1.0
#4712 [patch][cla]Shrinksafe replaces unicode escaped strings defect high
#5027 Build system corrupting compressed layer builds by inserting null characters defect high 1.3
#6628 Provide option to preserve ASCII/Unicode escapes in JS enhancement high 1.4.1
#7127 Upgrade custom Rhino to 1_7R1 defect high 1.3
#7183 CurrencyTextBox: Fails to validate after a build defect high 1.2
#7503 Legal: Remove sun class files from Rhino1.6 jar defect high 1.2
#7913 Shrinksafe refactor enhancement high 1.3
#8031 [patch][ccla]Allow Shrinksafe to process stdin enhancement high 1.3
#8528 [shrinksafe] -help text incorrect defect high 1.3
#8828 [ccla][patch]Shrinksafe could munge strings together enhancement high 1.4
#8974 [patch][ccla]Shrinksafe token naming conflicts with short var names like _e defect high 1.4
#8986 shrinksafe skips variables defect high 1.4
#9444 shrinksafe dies on debugger; calls defect high 1.4
#9676 Shrinksafe handles unary "+" operator incorrectly defect high 1.4
#9693 minified function names not being used defect high 1.4
#10645 -encode-unicode command line switch doesn’t have any effect defect high 1.4.1
#13400 maven release of shrinksafe enhancement high 1.7
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