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#8576 Mixing percentage with other width units causes the layout to glitch when resizing columns Bryan Forbes blocker
#10831 [patch]dojox grid canEdit feature blocker
#11446 The DataGrid can't display all the data items when the itmes is more than 42000. Bryan Forbes blocker
#11895 Performance issue for loading a TabContainer(with several DataGrids as it's children widgets) on IE8 Bryan Forbes blocker
#7564 dijit.TextBox editing in grid broken in ie6 and 7 Bryan Forbes high
#7779 Edit mode should end when clicking anywhere on the page that isn't the cell being edited Bryan Forbes high
#7814 Grid error encountered when sorting with a dojox.grid.cells.Editor open for editing Bryan Forbes high
#7918 Editable Grid refresh does not work on checkboxes Bryan Forbes high
#8112 [patch] Dojox grid : CheckboxEditor do not initialize properly high
#8243 Grid make the "..." fetchText placeholder text settable/chgable Bryan Forbes high
#8533 Vertical scroilling jumps on paging Bryan Forbes high
#8719 unable to edit a cell in the dojox.grid.DataGrid with dojox.grid.cells.Editor as the cell type Bryan Forbes high
#8835 grid leads to unexpected scroll in google chrome Bryan Forbes high
#9261 dojox.DataGrid autoHeight parameter causes infinite Loop/flickering/100% Cpu utilization evan high
#9481 DataGrid Editing isue after columnReorder evan high
#10543 autoHeight parameter doesn't work for DataGrid grids that have ~100 or so rows evan high
#10551 [regression]Date picker cell with Datagrid high
#10737 problem grid cell editable high
#10899 Grid fails to display data when table is surrounded by div tags Bryan Forbes high
#10945 Model based TreeGrid produces error with more than 3 layers Bryan Forbes high
#11225 Dojox Grid Resize Click Change Bryan Forbes high
#11280 Repopulating a grid creates error in IE Bryan Forbes high
#11338 When a grid's autoHeight is set to true, the selector height is not correct from the second page evan high
#11613 Grid header misinterprets change-sort-dir clicks as resize requests Bryan Forbes high
#11740 dojox.grid hidden column doesn't work in Chrome and Safari Bryan Forbes high
#11805 There are no side borders in Grid claro theme. Bryan Forbes high
#11943 Column width resize indicator doesn't show in the right position evan high
#12037 Memory leak using setStore() on dojox.grid.DataGrid evan high
#12091 appending grid to center aligned div crashes grid Bryan Forbes high
#12129 dojox.grid.TreeGrid, when rowHeight integer value is specified cell content isn't centered vertically Bryan Forbes high
#12173 DataGrid editable cell can not be correcttly focused in IE Bryan Forbes high
#12179 Cell focus is lost on merged cells Bryan Forbes high
#12185 Fix comment issues for newly added EDG code evan high
#12187 Column resize divisory line drawn out of place Bryan Forbes high
#12195 [regression]Date picker cell with Datagrid evan high
#12201 EDG NestedSorting - keyboard support is not working appropriately evan high
#12219 Bug in indirect selection, while using the filter plugin evan high
#12258 Problem when using indirect selection with enchanced grid evan high
#12300 EDG.onMouseUp() is triggerred twice evan high
#12316 EhancedGrid Pagination problem when using editable widget evan high
#12325 Nested Sorting is not working well in RTL evan high
#11986 DataGrid - remove deprecated warning for legacy attr() usage Bryan Forbes low
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