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#13392 DojoGrid bug: cannot select row while setValue is being called. defect blocker
#7304 Selection doesn't follow row when sorting in DataGrid defect high
#8374 exception thrown when entering invalid value in an editable cell of a DataGrid defect high
#9248 Feature of "certain part of view or cells don't need to be re-rendered" enhancement high
#9911 [Latest trunk / DataGrid / Editable Feature / IE7,8] - Row flashing before entering edit mode defect high
#10102 Enhanced grid - Revise hover states for unary and nested and select a column state . defect high
#10383 Pages stack on top of each other on edit defect high
#10823 Invalid item argument in dojox.grid.TreeGrid defect high
#11098 dojox.DataGrid sorting problem when passing field="_item" defect high
#11310 setStore datagrid memory leak in IE defect high
#11362 Grid with claro theme has incorrect padding when using dojox.grid._CheckBoxSelector defect high
#11381 Setting with new grid structure with percentage widths does not render property defect high
#11556 Selectable problem in IE defect high
#11777 Make content wrapping in header configurable enhancement high
#11903 [patch][ccla]New Grid Prototype enhancement high
#12175 [patch]dojox.grid.treegrid not wokring in multi verion dojo defect high
#12211 DataGrid TextBox editable cell escapes the '&' in its value defect high
#12247 [patch]Cannot resize column in DataGrid in IE8 defect high
#12358 [patch] IE 6/7/8 - unexpected native selection effect defect high
#12359 Change to AMD for all Grid componoents enhancement high
#12370 Long labels wrap incorrectly in TreeTable defect high
#12378 Enhanced Grid Paginator: Wrong Tooltips for Page Step Nodes defect high
#12379 Enhanced Grid Paginator: "Go to Page" Dialog defect high
#12466 DataGrid, IE6/7 - empty cells look weird defect high
#12540 Enhanced Grid Paginator: Page-Stepper initialization problem defect high
#12549 Enhanced grid drag and drop, doesn't drop in another empty grid defect high
#12578 dojox.grid.enhanced._Events bug defect high
#12646 EnhancedGrid indirectSelection plugin throws error when the formatterScope is specified defect high
#12649 EDG - nested sorting info is not following after column moved defect high
#12707 Missing i18n support for value "All" within parameter pageSizes defect high
#12730 Empty grid header doesn't show correctly defect high
#12734 Claro attributes cleaning up for Grid task high
#12832 Enhanced Grid Paginator: grid loses filter on 'goto page' defect high
#12876 DataGrid + QueryReadStore fails on IE7, IE8 with "This deferred has already been resolved" on dojo 1.6 defect high
#12880 Grid got flashed in IE when double clicking a row for editing defect high
#12881 EDG - left/right/up/down keys results in lost foucs during editing defect high
#12899 Grid - column resizing not working anymore after amd changes defect high
#12900 Grid, double clicking editing results into wrong focused cell and row selection defect high
#12914 LazyTreeGrid removes extra items when collapsing a node. defect high
#13004 EnhancedGrid Pagination rowCount is wrong defect high
#13051 Expando nodes not cleaned up when Grid destroyed defect high
#13061 EDG pagination - incomplete data displayed when switching page size defect high
#13068 [enhancedgrid.filter]autocomplete has to use grid.query defect high
#13195 EDG.NestedSorting - incorrect sort tip defect high
#13248 EDG.nestedsorting - sorting arrow style is messed up when column name is space only defect high
#13265 EDG.patination - need a way to set default page size and displayed page defect high
#13272 EDG.print - table content are not well aligned in print preview defect high
#13273 EDG.printer - the who html document is printed rather than Grid content in IE defect high
#13288 LazyTreeGrid - expanding or collapsing rows should not cause re-rendering of unrelated rows defect high
#13344 dojox.grid.LazyTreeGrid renders children incorrectly when autoHeight is true defect high
#13390 dojox.grid.enhanced.plugins.Pagination "ALL" option not working defect high
#13432 DataGrid : deleting a row does not notify grid.selection defect high
#13437 Fix EDG nls bundles defect high
#13477 dojox.grid.cells.Select does not properly encode label characters. defect high
#13506 EnhancedGrid.Menu - columnToggling isn't working with headerMenu defect high
#13513 DataGrid.getColumnTogglingItems() doesn't behave consistently after refreshed defect high
#13542 Chang dojox/grid/* to baseless and module return value defect high
#13557 In IE7, Grid is frozen when mouse moving column header defect high
#13635 Grid - repeat invoking grid.setStore()/setQuery() will cause inconsistent parameter state defect high
#13659 LazyTreeGrid - delete item without update treepath defect high
#13660 LazyTreeGrid - Update/fetch rows/data unnecessarily enhancement high
#13661 LazyTreeGrid - logic failure defect high
#13662 LazyTreeGrid - potential issue may cause grid rendered incorrectly when there are multiple fetching requests defect high
#13671 datagrid sorting keeps incorrect selection defect high
#13690 LazyTreeGrid should use ancestors' item identifies as treepath defect high
#13714 EnhancedGrid Search plugin gives stale results after grid is sorted defect high
#13770 Grid - cannot scrolling by clicking the scroll bar up/down arrows when headers are hidden defect high
#13848 test file has unneeded tooltip hack defect high
#13861 Search Plugin for Enhanced Data Grid does not account for sort defect high
#13863 Pagination plugin typing error: not nls.singularoItemTitle but nls.singularItemTitle defect high
#13882 Grid editable - inconsistent behavior of dojox.grid.cells.Select when options[] and values[] both provided defect high
#13902 Obsolete parameter passed along in dojox/grid/_EditManager.restore() defect high
#13911 Add a11y info to Grid doc page and source README task high
#13961 Gird - formatter widget doesn't get destroyed which leads to significant leaks defect high
#13972 EnhancedGrid cookie plugin sets column width to 0 or negative values when setColumnVisibility is used defect high
#13978 move _destroyOnRemove property public and document in dojox.grid enhancement high
#13982 DataGrid - wrong calculation of page height defect high
#14049 Enhanced Grid; Close Filterbar did not work defect high
#14054 Enhanced Grid Pagination Plugin - crashs if only one item is to show defect high
#14110 EnhancedGrid: Bad path to css images (dijit/themes/claro/...) defect high
#14159 keys.isCopyKey undefined. Alter to dojo.isCopyKey defect high
#13173 Pagination bars out of sync defect low
#13441 _FocusManager.js blurHeader() _colHeadNode , node is null defect lowest
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