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#18551 [patch] Lines always show in dojox.charting.action2d.MouseIndicator assigned defect undecided 1.14
#18615 In SelectableLegend, need an option for automatic wrap / multi line support assigned defect undecided 1.14
#18624 Some chart axis minor ticks are not displayed new defect undecided 1.14
#18641 Max and min value in line graph nor drawn properly assigned defect undecided 1.14
#18745 Threshold Indicator vertical fill fails assigned defect undecided 1.14
#18751 Scatter plot doesn't handle nulls correctly. new defect undecided 1.14
#19029 dojox.charting.widget.Chart fails to load series in declarative examples (including tests) new defect undecided tbd
#8996 Odd behavior with custom axis labels for Chart2D line chart assigned defect high 1.15
#10868 scaler/common::eq function broken for large values assigned defect high 1.15
#12182 Dojox.charting.DataChart doesn't support x,y coordinants from server assigned defect high 1.15
#12548 [patch][ccla]Chart: Legend is not ordered correctly with Clustered Horizontal Bar chart assigned defect high 1.15
#14940 dojox.charting.widget.Sparkline sizing is incorrect when in a templated widget assigned defect high 1.15
#18966 Label placement in StackedBars and StackedColumns assigned defect high 1.14
#19047 Regression after fixing #18061 "Make theme color cycles consistent across chart plots" new defect high 1.13.1
#19048 Backward-iterating plot rendering is incorrect new defect high 1.13.1
#18785 dojox/charting/action2d/MouseIndicator stops tracking changes with mouseOver: true when mouse leaves chart new defect low 1.14
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