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#18445 (Chrome) Editor - Words are still underline/strikethrough when unselect underline/strikethrough defect undecided Editor 1.10.1
#18446 (Chrome) Editor - Wrong highlighted underline/bold/iltalic button defect undecided Editor 1.10.1
#18447 (IE9,10,11) Editor - Can not open LinkDialog if have no selected text defect undecided Editor 1.10.1
#18457 on.selector throws an error for event handlers registered on document Kris Zyp defect undecided Events 1.10.3
#18460 dojo.config.extraLocale gets mutated in dojo >= 1.7.0 defect undecided Internationalization 1.7.0
#18483 CLDR System Broken for Locales using parentLocale Adam Peller defect undecided Internationalization 1.10.4
#18487 expression too permissive Adam Peller defect undecided Dojox 1.9.3
#18503 Selector engine css3 breaks results from query prevAll Kris Zyp defect undecided Query 1.10.4
#18516 dojo/query!lite: query(#foo) returns <input name=foo> on IE8/quirks mode Kris Zyp defect undecided Query 1.10.4
#18517 build.bat closure optimized dojo build returns zero exit code when there is one error Rawld Gill defect undecided BuildSystem 1.10.2
#18523 Test for hrefTarget in is incorrect and fails Patrick Ruzand defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.10.4
#18549 stopParser not working in templated widgets bill defect undecided Parser 1.10.4
#18562 [partial patch][cla] NumberTextBox rounds even with constraints: {round: -1} defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.10.4
#18574 JAWS 16 with IE 11 cannot type in input user field on TooltipDialog mikeb defect undecided Accessibility 1.10.4
#18576 Moveable eats click events on touchscreen Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided DnD 1.10.4
#18584 dojo/text: doesn't support r.js (requirejs builder) defect undecided Core 1.10.4
#18624 Some chart axis minor ticks are not displayed Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided Charting 1.10.4
#18639 dojo/request/iframe Submits Invalid Data Bryan Forbes defect undecided IO 1.10.4
#18671 Tooltip: doesn't come along with the textbox when window resizing defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.10.4
#18675 Under NodeJS, Loader Does not fire error logic Rawld Gill defect undecided Loader 1.10.4
#18676 dojox.validation.url is not correct when with fragments Adam Peller defect undecided Dojox 1.10.4
#18698 JAWS screen reader announces combobox options twice defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.10.4
#18706 Dialog: won't let 3rd party dialogs get focus bill defect undecided Dijit 1.10.4
#18723 robot tests won't run on Edge or Chrome >= 45 bill defect undecided Dijit 1.10.4
#18734 sometimes can't end list by hitting return twice defect undecided Editor 1.10.4
#18737 dijit/Dialog: doesn't _position center if dialog.width > viewport.width yushengh defect undecided Dijit 1.10.4
#18738 Hindi numeral calendar Adam Peller defect undecided Dojox 1.10.4
#18742 IE11 autocomplete results a flicker on submitting the form defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.10.4
#18749 DIV element not centered in case of RoundRect but centered with Container Patrick Ruzand defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.10.4
#18751 Scatter plot doesn't handle nulls correctly. Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided Charting 1.10.4
#18760 dojox.xml.DomParser.parse handle parsing errors Adam Peller enhancement undecided Dojox 1.10.4
#18763 dojo/dom-geometry.position(node, true) wrong on zoomed android device defect undecided HTML 1.10.4
#18766 CurrencyFormat for nl locale is incorrect defect undecided Internationalization 1.10.4
#18767 <input type="file"> askes input twice. defect undecided Core 1.10.4
#18770 Firebug gives warning for dom-attr: "Use of getAttributeNode() is deprecated. Use getAttribute() instead." defect undecided HTML 1.10.4
#18771 Documentation typos meta ticket dylan defect undecided Documentation 1.10.4
#18775 preventDefault() does not update the defaultPrevented property on touch devices dylan defect undecided Events 1.10.4
#18781 dojox.validate.isUrl doesn't validate IDN URLs correctly dylan defect undecided Dojox 1.10.4
#18786 dojox DataGrid - click cell causes jump - IE Evan defect undecided DojoX Grid 1.10.4
#18787 Vietnamese months in calendar dateTimes should be capitalized defect undecided Date 1.10.4
#18801 dijit/Destroyable::own dies horribly if owning things without a cleanup method defect undecided Dijit 1.11.0-rc1
#18806 Issue with DnD in IE in containers with scrollbar defect undecided General 1.11.0-rc4
#18807 Inconsistency of dijit.form.SimpleTextArea value (displayed- or not) when @maxLength > actual data length bill defect undecided Dijit 1.10.4
#18811 dateFormatItem-MMdd is not defined in base gregorian i18n module but is in others defect undecided Internationalization 1.11.0-rc5
#18812 cldr/nls i18n file content keys like in gregorian could be alphabetized enhancement undecided General 1.11.0-rc5
#18813 Justify disabled in dijit/Editor if editing same text in multiple browsers defect undecided Editor 1.10.4
#18821 DateTextBox: label and role unclear in JAWS bill defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.11.0
#18829 "npm run test" fails defect undecided Core 1.11.1
#18854 IE11 RichText with EnterKeyHandling on DIV or P creates extraneous new lines on Backspace/Enter bill defect undecided Editor 1.11.1
#18864 ScrollableView input file upload Patrick Ruzand defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.10.6
#18870 Dijit : BorderContainer.js - Continued tapping with Pen on Splitter with BorderContainer defect undecided Dijit 1.11.2
#18872 In LinkDialog, Unable to create file link if first folder contain underscore(-) defect undecided Dijit 1.10.4
#18875 No way to get correct value of dijit/Editor defect undecided Editor 1.11.2
#18876 dojox.mvc.Repeat doesn't handle relative widget class names. Ed Chatelain defect undecided DojoX MVC 1.11.2
#18879 Ctrl/Alt+Arrow not ignored in Dojo 1.9, and later defect undecided Dijit 1.11.2
#18882 NumberTextBox does not properly handle percent type defect undecided Dijit 1.11.2
#18884 array.filter + scoping => performance problem in Firefox task undecided Core 1.11.2
#18887 toggle function for dom-attr enhancement undecided Core 1.10.4
#18890 Applying * { max-width:100%; } causes IE to render many objects with "rezise handles" and making them not editable defect undecided Editor 1.11.2
#18891 Allow comments in templates enhancement undecided Parser 1.10.5
#18892 _MenuBase.passivePopupDelay causes click event to fire on non-popup menuitems defect undecided Dijit 1.10.6
#18896 Placeholder preventing focus on text box (Mobile only) defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.11.2
#18899 Missing method on DocumentFragment in IE(11) dylan defect undecided Core 1.11.2
#18913 dojox.form.Uploader sends formData properties which have no value defect undecided DojoX Form 1.10.4
#18915 cannot detect right-click on dom element defect undecided Core 1.11.2
#18916 dojox/mobile/ScrollableView doesn't work on Edge on Windows 10 Mobile defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.11.2
#18921 Wrong calculation of FilteringSelect width defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.12.0-rc2
#18924 ComboBox: dropdown highlighting for autocomplete incorrect for IE 11 browser defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.12.0-rc2
#18925 DateTextBox: widget value does not update when textbox loses focus defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.12.0-rc2
#18928 JSON.php path is wrong dylan defect undecided Testing 1.12.0-rc2
#18933 dojox.layout.TableContainer creates inpropriate label for invalid non-form controls defect undecided DojoX Layout 1.11.0
#18935 dojox/date/timezone consider DST in format dylan defect undecided Dojox 1.10.4
#18936 dijit/popup scrollbar IE defect undecided Dijit 1.10.4
#18972 In LinkDialog, slash(/) is not allowed in query part defect undecided Dijit 1.10.4
#18993 Dojox DateTextBox closes Month/Year calendar in Chrome without going to Month calendar defect undecided DojoX Form 1.12.2
#18999 Dojo: dijit/form/VerticalSlider: Does not work in IE8 IE9 IE10 defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.12.2
#19023 dojox/form/PasswordValidator - PasswordValidator wont keep child node's dom classes defect undecided DojoX Form 1.12.2
#17807 dojo/request node provider does not retrieve username/password from `auth` part of url defect blocker IO 1.9.3
#11060 Editor font size smaller than page when browser set to small font size (FF) bill defect high Editor 1.5.0b1
#18031 CodeGlass livedocs demo styling is broken in Chrome defect high Documentation 1.10.0-beta1
#18339 Dijit/form/DateTextBox validation wrong on dates 01/01/1992, ... 01/01/2014 defect high Dijit - Form 1.10.2
#18599 Improving chart documentation defect high Documentation 1.10.4
#18774 Linting errors in dojo.js Rawld Gill defect high Loader 1.10.4
#18791 Horizontal tooltip has anti-aliasing artifact bill defect high Dijit 1.10.4
#18881 IE11 combo box performance issue for 2nd click onward defect high Dijit - Form 1.10.4
#18885 Wrong currency format for sk-sk defect high Internationalization 1.11.2
#18905 dojo build (buildscripts/ --bin java fails when certain regex in js source files defect high BuildSystem 1.11.2
#18930 NumberTextBox does not select number text when focused using TAB key defect high Dijit - Form 1.11.2
#18937 Dojox color picker hue selector calculating click event coordinates wrong. defect high DojoX Widgets 1.12.0-rc2
#18938 dijit/form/TimeTextBox slow in Chrome defect high Dijit - Form 1.11.2
#18945 -> offline dylan defect high Operations 1.12.1
#18951 Error parsing dtl templates Neil Roberts defect high DojoX DTL 1.12.1
#18957 Closure Compiler regression, files with # dylan defect high BuildSystem 1.12.1
#18974 Closure compiler does not fail when encountering JS errors defect high BuildSystem 1.11.2
#18979 Possible star mapping build regression dylan defect high BuildSystem 1.12.1
#18987 Inconsistent drag and drop behavior in different browsers for dijit form input elements with disabled property set to true defect high DnD 1.10.6
#18990 Building on a system with an unsupported Java version fails silently defect high BuildSystem 1.12.2
#19001 Click event handled on Dijits in disabled state defect high Dijit - Form 1.12.2
#19008 IE11 BorderContainer drag/drop over iframe defect high Dijit 1.12.2
#19009 IE11 BorderContainer drag/drop over iframe defect high Dijit 1.12.2
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