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#17272 Dojo build fails with CSS background images that use cache busting new defect undecided 1.15
#17273 [patch][cla] dojo/dnd/Target containing multiple drop targets unable to drop. assigned dylan defect undecided 1.15
#17315 stamp.fromISOString returns a time that is 10 minutes earlier than the supplied string assigned dylan defect undecided 1.15
#17331 [patch] GanttChart Highlight in MultiTab Application Fix new Eugene Lazutkin enhancement undecided 1.15
#17335 GanttChart tests/saveGanttData.php new Adam Peller defect undecided 1.15
#17346 Error on digit widgets reference guide using IE assigned Kitson Kelly defect undecided 1.15
#17356 [patch] dojo/text wont load template again when the server is back new defect undecided 1.15
#17375 [patch] [no cla?] Dojo 1.9.1 EnhancedGrid Click & RIght-Click on Header invokes splitter. reopened defect undecided 1.15
#17379 dijit/Editor does not work in Chrome extension due to Content Security Policy script-src new defect undecided 1.14
#17381 [cla][partial pr] Incorrect (asymmetric) margins with rotation option set for labels assigned cjolif enhancement undecided 1.15
#17397 dojo.queryToObject parser error new defect undecided 1.15
#17410 [dojox/form/Uploader] use iframe can only upload file once new defect undecided 1.15
#17413 [patch] FileInputAuto doesn't send the files new defect undecided 1.15
#17427 router.startup with default route doesn't set hash on Android new defect undecided 1.15
#17440 dojo/has!condition sometimes executes before dojoConfig processed new defect undecided 1.15
#17451 ComboBoxMixin and _FormSelectWidget patch their store and break each other. new defect undecided 2.0
#17457 dojox/form/BusyButton - _onClick bug new defect undecided 1.15
#17458 Dojo requesting already inlined Dijit templates new defect undecided 1.15
#17473 not handling 304 with assigned dylan defect undecided 1.15
#17479 dojox.Calendar doesn't deal with possible failure while puting an item in a store assigned dg defect undecided 1.15
#17482 [patch][cla][GFX] New API to specify rounding precision for SVG shape coordinates assigned Eric Durocher enhancement undecided 1.15
#17485 Comment // at end of file causes error 307 in build new defect undecided 1.15
#17494 on.emit raises TypeError in button option supplied new dylan defect undecided 1.15
#17528 disabled dojox/form/CheckedMultiSelect still can be checked on items. new enhancement undecided 1.15
#17533 cursor moved in editor when typing new defect undecided 1.14
#17537 dijit.form.Select: error if keypress and less than two options new defect undecided 1.15
#17538 [patch] Locale not being set in Windows 8.1 assigned defect undecided 1.15
#17555 New Svg2Gfx assigned dylan enhancement undecided 1.15
#17567 dojo/store/Cache remove() method discards original XHR response of Master Store assigned Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.15
#17574 Dojo XMLHttpRequest.withCredentials support assigned dylan enhancement undecided 1.15
#17588 dojo/on sometimes interferes with other sites' scripts when using embedded dojo new defect undecided 1.15
#17624 ContentPane: add onError() public method for notification of server side errors new feature undecided 1.15
#17659 ValidationTextBox: don't fire onchange when trimmed value hasn't changed assigned bill defect undecided 1.15
#17322 dojo/date/locale spec version doesn't match shipped LDML files new defect high 1.15
#18984 Tree keydown event handling is flaky assigned dylan defect high 1.14
#17512 Sniff android returns undefined on firefox android assigned dylan defect low 1.14
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