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#14734 a11yclick event for DOM elements assigned feature undecided 1.15
#16278 GridContainerLite.removeChild not actually removing widget when widget.dragRestriction==true new defect undecided 1.15
#14481 dojo.fx.wipeOut onEnd race condition due to connect() assigned dylan defect high 1.15
#14596 Reference guide updates to use AMD loader assigned Kitson Kelly defect high 1.15
#14636 Chained animation not so chained assigned dylan defect high 1.15
#14640 svg2gfx.xsl fails to detect exsl:node-set capability assigned Feneric defect high 1.15
#14648 Enhance dojox.charting widget markup to respect latest standards (AMD MID, data-* attributes) assigned cjolif enhancement high 1.15
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