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#16364 Deserialized shapes don't keep their IDs assigned Eric Durocher undecided 1.15 DojoX GFX
#16521 _BidiSupport.postscript() should probably call this.inherited() new Eugene Lazutkin undecided 1.15 Charting
#16585 [meta] don't use deprecated methods, features new undecided 1.15 General
#18432 [meta] Fix broken tests for CI new dylan undecided 1.14 Testing
#18884 array.filter + scoping => performance problem in Firefox new undecided 1.14 Core
#8303 implement onOverEvent/onOutEvent using mouse.enter, mouse.leave new Eugene Lazutkin high 1.15 DnD
#14279 [meta] convert test files to AMD new dylan high 2.0 Testing
#17213 consider stopping automatically applying Widget properties to DOMNode reopened high 1.15 Dijit
#16280 dojox/socket clean up API names assigned Kris Zyp low 1.15 IO
#19094 Dojo build system doesn't know what to do with the "paths" property in my config new major BuildSystem
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